Hands-on Impressions About The White Dial 1:1 Fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch UK


A white dial perfect replica Omega Speedmaster isn’t really something new. If, like me, you’ve browsed the pages of the reference book Moonwatch Only or have enough knowledge about older versions of the Speedmaster, you have probably come across more than one “albino” Speedy. And yet, what we’re looking at here is actually new… Enough to have caused a stir in the Speedmaster community. The latest white dial 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the first ever of its kind to become part of the permanent collection, not limited in number or production. Which also makes it the one-and-only steel Moonwatch currently available (limited and special editions excluded) not to be equipped with a black dial. Gold super clone watches online are available with a silver dial, a brushed black dial, a green dial or a champagne panda dial. When it comes to stainless steel (the classic model), your choice has been limited to one colour only: black. Not anymore.

The very hype around this white dial Speedmaster Moonwatch is the result of a clever strategy by luxury replica Omega UK, which was (not so) discreetly teased at an event in November 2023. Daniel Craig, whom we are more accustomed to seeing wearing an aaa quality fake Omega Seamaster when portraying James Bond, was spotted wearing an unprecedented version of the classic Moonwatch with a light-coloured dial. And no, this wasn’t the silver dial of the Canopus Gold Moonwatch (the polished mid-links and the visible touches of red indicated that it was mostly likely steel). And the existence of this copy watch was confirmed in March this year, with its official presentation.

Having said that, what is this watch all about? There’s never been a white dial high quality eplica Omega Speedmaster in the past. A full-white dial Speedmaster Moonwatch isn’t something that common. Look closely, and you won’t find anything of the sort, at least in the standard collection. There have been several examples of “panda” Speedies, such as this model found in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Collection, but it was limited to 2,020 pieces. There have been some white dial special, commemorative, regional or limited editions in the past, but nothing permanently available. Besides the chocolate version of the Swiss movement copy Omega Moonwatch (circa 2007-2012), it’s always been a sea of black for the steel models. Even the current collection comprises only four steel references, and they are all black.

White dial Speedmaster watches have existed, however, in special or limited editions. And some are highly coveted models. The most important white dial top quality replica Omega Speedmasters are, without a doubt, the Alaska Project models – original models from the late 1960s or the re-edition of 2008, a limited run of 1,970 watches. This is, without a doubt, the most commonly quoted model when referring to a white dial Speedy. We can also mention a watch known by the nickname of Albino Speedmaster, the Speedmaster 40th Anniversary made for the Italian market reference 3593.20, dating back to 1997 and produced in 500 pieces. According to RJ Broer of Fratello, it is “the last (non-panda) white-dial Speedmaster Professional without a comic character, moonphase display or special reference” produced by Swiss movement copy Omega, even though it’s more off-white than pure white.

Finally, in the context of white super clone watches for sale, we have to mention the highly collectable (and rather overpriced on the second-hand market) reference 311., a.k.a the 2015 top quality replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award. A classic Moonwatch at heart, this limited edition of 1,970 pieces featured a fully white dial with blackened markers and hands, and mainly a dial featuring a series of elements referring to the Apollo 13 rescue mission and a lumed Snoopy in one of the sub-counters (and a silver Snoopy engraved on the back). As far as white-dial (non-panda) Omega Speedmaster replica watches online go, that’s about it. Up until earlier this year.

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