Was The MoonSwatch A Blessing And A Curse For Perfect Swiss Omega Replica Watches UK And Swatch?


It was absolute pandemonium at global Swatch stores over the weekend as the collaborative MoonSwatch with OMEGA was released. Fans of the luxury UK replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches along with resellers camped in record numbers where some even arrived almost two days in advance. Some Swatch locations reported fights and trampling with the opening of its stores — leading to delays and police intervention — but were eventually able to sell out in record time.

The 1:1 best fake Omega Speedmaster watches has long held a spot in many watch enthusiasts’ rotation, not only for its approachable price, which gives rise to a tremendous amount of value, but also for its synonymous connection to the world of space exploration and NASA — the excitement is magnified when you factor in that we are at the beginning of the Artemis-era for the space agency. This unprecedented collaboration was enough for me to get out of my apartment on Saturday morning, especially as I believed there would be a good chance of leftovers. Looking back, my naivety was somewhat justified as I was going by the fact that it was not a limited release, Swatch’s production capacity, and the two-watch limit per shopper, but yes, there was a lot working against me. This was, at the end of the day, a Bioceramic quartz version of the iconic wholesale replica Omega Moonwatches for a price of $260 USD.

When I arrived at the scene, I was completely flabbergasted. It was something out of Supreme drop and I instantly recalled memories of my youth when I would line up for sneakers — except this was even more terrifying. I thought to myself, “not only are the high quality Omega copy watches that require years of saving waitlisted to oblivion, but they’ve also done it to Swatch!” Watch collaborations aren’t what worries me, heck, I find the Prada x IWC, BMW x Ball, Tadao Ando x Bvlgari, Hodinkee collabs, and even the Jacob & Co x Supreme watches all very interesting, but it’s more the prevalence of this high-low strategy. Is the price weighted towards the product or brand value, and will this become the next widely adopted device thrown around in marketing? Early examples arrive as the ingenious ongoing Balenciaga Crocs collaboration and adidas’ efforts in working with fashion houses (non-joint label).

While I am utmost certain that names like Omega replica watches for sale and Swatch will keep horology at top priority, things like this can easily set a precedent for a rinse-and-repeat approach to product releases. My twenties saw a massive use of greenwashing in advertising, we are currently seeing streetwear peddled at some of the most prestigious auction houses at record prices, and now, more than ever, brands are struggling to tap into who and what is “cool,” regardless of compromise in order have a stupendous quarterly report.

Like all new and unknown things, there will be a slight sense of fear tied to it, and while it is comical to think that these thoughts were all conjured up while witnessing that madness that was unfolding in front of Swatch, there are a lot of interesting things to unpack. Although it doesn’t appear that in this instance, the collab was just a cash grab, as a tremendous amount of detail went into the MoonSwatch (just look at the dot over 90 and accented “E”), it does make me realize that the success of it could be the further opening of Pandora’s box. These topics are never fun to go at alone, so like our Round Table regarding Rolex’s decision to go colorful and to add a two-tone version of its Explorer, we’ve enlisted a few passionate cheap Omega super clone watches collectors to analyze this release.

This Round Table sees the return of Tim Bender of Fog City Vintage, Doug Kaplan of Bob’s Watches, and a man who really needs no introduction in the world of top Omega Speedmaster replica watches, Robert-Jan Broer of Fratello Watches — creator of the #SpeedyTuesday community and the two sold-out limited edition AAA online fake Omega “Speedy Tuesday” watches. So join us on this Tuesday as we talk about the cult following of the Moonwatch, the impact this MoonSwatch has made, and if this was a blessing and a curse for the Swiss watchmakers.

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