AAA Quality Replica Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 310.


If the perfect replica Omega Speedmaster is the absolute darling of collector circles, the Silver Snoopy Award series takes that affection to the absolute max. It’s the watch equivalent of the “how did you know?” moment of a well thought-out gift, bringing all the sweetest bits of the Moonwatch story together in a single model.

The luxury fake Omega Speedmaster is of course already legendary for its part in multiple key moments in space exploration. The first American space walk, the moon landings, the recovery of Apollo 13—these were all moments Swiss made replica Omega UK shared with the inclusion—and even active participation—of the Speedmaster Professional.

It wasn’t there just as a sponsor. Neil Armstrong famously made his first steps watchless because his Speedmaster was doing duty as a backup mission timer after the lunar module’s main timer broke. After those momentous words that we all have etched into our brains, Armstrong was also thought to have remarked, “It feels weird not have a watch on. I feel naked.”

When the Apollo 13 crew, guided by the legions on the planet below, recovered their mission to return home safely, the Speedmaster was used to time critical moments that could have spelt life or death. For that role, best 1:1 replica Omega was awarded a Silver Snoopy, NASAs gong for mission excellence. It’s an unbelievable honour, which of course Omega wants to milk drier than the Atacama.

Except with this one they’ve actually been very restrained. There have only been three Snoopy watches, which is very good for Swiss movement copy Omega, and the latest is the best yet. On the front, a silver—as in the precious metal, not just the colour—dial is accented in blue, and features the award itself depicted in the running seconds sub-dial, so you, the owner, too get a silver snoopy award. The matte texture of the silver and metallic sheen of the blue elevates this high quality replica Omega Speedmaster to another level.

That’s nothing compared to the back though. A view of the hand wound chronograph calibre 3861 of Swiss copy Omega UK would have been impressive enough, but instead we get a depiction of the Earth from the vantage point of the moon, a view few people have ever seen. The moon is applied to the inside of the crystal and the stars are set back, with the Earth settling somewhere in between for a sense of depth to the scene. You’ll even see Snoopy skirting around the moon in the command module.

Oh yeah, and the whole thing is animated. The Earth, connected to the running seconds, spins once per minute. And Snoopy, he starts his lunar excursion whenever the chronograph is activated. I defy anyone to look at that and not smile.

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