Best-selling mechanical chronograph — the perfect replica Omega Speedmaster UK


On the one hand, it’s not that surprising (but hey, who am I to doubt the success of the Speedmaster?). On the other hand, I would have guessed that the Daytona would’ve ranked higher. It gets the most appreciation — and perhaps recognition — by a larger audience than just the watch community. But the numbers don’t lie; the luxury replica Omega Speedmaster was the best-selling mechanical chronograph on Chrono24 in 2023. The Speedmaster has been here since 1957 and has many variations, and currently, there are just under 10,000 of them available on Chrono24. They range from around €1,160 / US$1,250 for a uk cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Date 3513.50 model (offered from Japan) up to €175,000 / US$193,000 for a skeletonized platinum Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch (3096.30).

MoonSwatch online
We don’t have enough data to do a deeper analysis on this topic, but it would be interesting to see some historical data on this as well. Did the Speedmaster rank similarly to the Navitimer and Carrera in the earlier days, or was it always the more popular model? It would also be interesting to know (or confirm) whether the 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster tops the Daytona because of its more accessible price point.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this data is that the aaa quality fake Omega MoonSwatch ranks third among the best-selling super clone watches for sale on Chrono24 in 2023. On the other hand, for those who wanted to have one but had no Swatch boutique close to them, buying them online via a platform like Chrono24 was the easiest way to obtain one. With prices meanwhile close to retail, it’s cheaper to order it via Chrono24 than to travel to a boutique (with the chance of discovering they don’t have the copy watch you want in stock).

In any case, the Swiss movement copy Omega Speedmaster UK topped all the other mechanical chronographs on Chrono24 in 2023. The list is compiled based on transaction data of watch models, not by performed searches.

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