Best UK Sale Omega Speedmaster World Cup For Alaska Project 2008 Replica


I love the Alaska Project 2008 for all the reasons that Swiss made fake Omega Speedmaster enthusiasts love it. But the one extra reason for me is that the Alaska Project 2008 is the ultimate proof of the iconic power of the Speedmaster’s design. Put a regular Moonwatch next to this Alaska Project 2008 and visually the watches could not be further apart within the Moonwatch universe. And still, without any hesitation, it looks and feels 100% like a Speedmaster Professional. That’s a powerful statement.

Stainless Steel Fake Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project 2008 Watch

And the best thing is, it’s not a statement for the sake of making a statement. The watch is not white because it simply wants to be different. It is white because it needed to be able to withstand solar radiation. It has a red outer case because it needed to be able to withstand extreme temperatures. And it comes with a white nylon velcro strap because it needed to be worn over a spacesuit.

White Dial Fake Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project 2008 Watch

This perfect replica Alaska Project 2008 might be lightyears away from the regular Moonwatch when it comes to looks. But those looks serve exactly the same purpose that made the Speedmaster the legend it is today. And that is a much stronger story than the Tintin could ever tell. And it’s exactly why the Alaska Project 2008 deserves a spot in the semi-finals of our World Cup.

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