George Clooney Tries To Stop His Daughter’s Wedding Wearing UK AAA Replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watches In ‘Ticket To Paradise’


Don’t you ever just want to go to the movies and shut off for 90 minutes and let movie stars do movie star things? That’s what Ticket to Paradise, the latest family comedy starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, is here for. It’s about as basic a movie premise as they come in the sense that what you see is what you get. So if you’ve seen the trailer, you know what you’re in for. If you haven’t, here’s what you’re dealing with: George Clooney and Julia Roberts play a divorced couple whose daughter is set to be married in Bali…and they object. Despite their differences (it was a bitter divorce), they agree to team up and stop the wedding. Oh, and George Clooney wears stainless steel perfect replica Omega sports watches featuring the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

Why We’re Watching

Here on Watching Movies, we like to stay on top of the cinematic release cycle, especially when a new movie features Swiss made Omega fake watches worthy of coverage (even if that means the movie might not be a critical darling). Ticket to Paradise hits cinemas today, and ever since the trailer dropped, it became clear that I’d need to check this one out myself because Mr. Clooney wears steel 1:1 UK replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watches in it. Of course, Clooney is a known Omega Ambassador and has worn Omega timepieces in several films such as The American (2010) and Money Monster (2016) – the latter of which also happened to co-star Julia Roberts.

But in those films, he wore an Omega Speedmaster. In this film, seeing as his character travels to the very tropical Bali, his high quality copy Omega watches of choice is far more water resistant. Still a master…just, a Seamaster. Well, a Seamaster Aqua Terra to be exact – what appears to be the reference, also known as the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Co-Axial Master Chronometer 41mm. A mouthful no matter how you cut it.

The cheap Omega replica watches is pretty easy to spot in the film, and gets a few close-ups, as well. Notable features are its entirely stainless steel construction, black textured dial, raised triangular markers, and the arrow minute hand, in addition to the chonometer-certified co-axial caliber 8900. In many ways, the Aqua Terra is the spiritual successor to the very original Seamasters of old – best Omega fake watches that were never intended to be divers but rather versatile everyday pieces. That’s why you won’t find a dive-time bezel on these like the Diver 300m, or the Seamaster 300. It does still give you 150m of water resistance though, which is good enough for Clooney’s character David in Bali, and should be good enough for you.

Despite the brand ambassadorship, I still think it’s cool to see Clooney wearing this Swiss movements super clone Omega watches here. It strikes me as the perfect dad watch in the sense that every dad needs a reliable stainless steel sports watch. And he radiates dad energy in Ticket to Paradise with his pressed button-ups and slacks, and array of blazers and suits. You get the sense that it’s his only watch in this fictional universe, and when that kind of vibe can be communicated absent any overt call-out, I call that a cinematic and horological win.

Speaking of horology, Julia Roberts’s character Georgia also wears top replica Omega watches in the film. It’s gold and on a leather strap. If any of you have seen the movie and are able to identify what it is, let me know in the comments. Watch spotting by community, folks.

When We’re Watching

After arriving in Bali, David (Clooney) gets a private moment with his daughter’s future husband by the beach. It’s during this conversation that he sufficiently scares the poor guy into thinking that his future wife may not be fully committed to marriage and could divorce him in the future. Of course, this is all according to plan for David and Georgia (Roberts). After the “heart-to-heart,” David and Georgia join their future in-laws for a celebratory feast at which point we find David digging into a skewer of what looks like meat and veggies (astute observation, I know). As he does, we get a nice clear shot of the China fake Omega Aqua Terra watches on his wrist.

Later in the film, bride-to-be, Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) has a night on the town with her parents and her best friend, Wren (played by Billy Lourd). Let’s just say they are imbibing heavily and discussing which music the bar should play so that the party can really begin. As they sit and drink, the camera briefly lingers on Clooney’s Aqua Terra-laden wrist. And then the music kicks in and it’s a Clooney/Roberts dance-a-thon. I’ll let you be the judge if their moves are any good, I just judge the 2022 Omega replica watches.

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