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This week, we have a story from Rosier about his Swiss movement fake Omega Speedmaster “From The Moon to Mars” to commemorate his 25th anniversary at work, but also a story from Kirk and why he bought his Speedmaster. A heartbreaking story, yet Kirk shared it with us and I am honored to share it with you as well.
On the one hand, Kirk’s story makes collecting Omega Speedmaster replica with Swiss automatic movement watches look less important. There are (much) more important things in life, of course. On the other hand, it does show the deeper emotional value a watch can have some times for people. I have a few watches I wouldn’t want to live without as they remind me of certain people or certain events. Sometimes, it also makes me afraid of losing such a watch. Memories are more important of course, and those you will have forever. But a watch that has a (deeper) connection, might trigger you recalling those memories or think of that certain special someone.

Story1: Kirk and Aimee

My lovely wife Aimee passed away just over three and a half years ago. She had been fighting breast cancer for seven years. After the first three years of surgery, chemo, and radiation therapy we thought she had beaten it. Later that year a routine X-ray found multiple small lesions in her lungs. This led to more chemo and radiation. It was now metastatic and just a matter of time.

After a bucket-list trip to Scotland, we found that the pulled muscle in her leg was cancer in her hip joint. After an emergency hip replacement, we found that cancer had spread to her brain. Gamma Knife and CyberKnife radiosurgery and whole brain radiation became our new fresh Hell.

As you can imagine, this situation makes a best copy watch collection a very low priority. I had a small collection of inexpensive watches from before the illness.
“Get the best watch”
At a point where she was in a wheelchair, we took a trip to the local outlet mall to shop and talk. One of the shops that we stopped at was a Swiss manufacturer of watches and knives. A couple of automatic pilot chronographs caught my eye. As we left the shop Aimee said “When this is all over you should get yourself the best watch!”

This was not something that I wanted to contemplate. I should probably explain that this is a woman that insisted that I get a NEW motorcycle when my old BMW 900 turned over a quarter of a million miles. She knew what I needed even if I didn’t know it.

Later in the evening, she asked “What do you think you’ll get?”.

“Probably an aaa quality fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.“
She made me sit down with her and explain why and show her pictures. I reminded her of the situation in the Apollo 13 mission when they had to time the rocket burn. Cut to the fall of 2017. My son and I are seeing a grief therapist right across the street from the local Omega AD. So many times here I had asked myself if today was the day. I went for the sapphire crystal and back model. I wanted to see that movement! I also got a hat!

I don’t know if I would have bought this fine replica watch for sale for myself if she hadn’t made me promise. So now my wedding ring sits in my Speedmaster Professional box and I wear my Speedy every Tuesday and think of her.

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