Hands-on Canopus Gold Fake Omega Speedmaster Watch UK


The real surprise release this year was the white gold Canopus Speedmaster. I think that everyone expected a model with a more natural hue, but this model was a nice addition. Canopus also brings in a blend of precious group metals to help the watch resist discoloration. AAA perfect replica Omega kept with history on prior white gold models and gave this piece a light silver brass dial. Like on the Sedna Speedmaster, Canopus is used for the hands and indices. Black is the color of choice for the ceramic bezel and all the dial printing.

Fake Omega Speedmaster Watch For Men

If you’ve never seen a white gold Speedmaster in the metal, they’re a really unique affair. There’s something lustrous about it, especially when it’s brushed like the Canopus Speedmaster. Fans of this watch (and there are many who are louder and prouder than in the case of the Sedna Speedmaster), also love its silver dial. And me? Well, I have to say that I am reserving my judgement until I see it. I have no issue with sapphire crystal Speedies, but pictures of this watch — literally — leave me a bit cold. Does the icy dial need the dab of warmth that Hesalite provides? After all, most of the historic white gold models were paired with acrylic.

Silvery Dial Fake Omega Speedmaster Watch

Proponents of this watch call out the “stealth wealth” play and that’s fine, but I still think I’d go with a Sedna Speedmaster and perhaps the Tokyo Edition panda to quench my lighter dial thirst. Oh, and there’s a massive white elephant in the room and that’s the price. On bracelet, the Canopus makes the bank account buckle at an eye-watering €44,300! This baby might play chameleon on your wrist, but you’ll flex hard as one of “The Last of the Great Big Spenders” when you’re paying for this one. Omega credits the higher metal value and challenging formability for the +€10K difference. Whatever the rationale, if you can afford it and want it, I’m sure you’ll find a way to justify it in your own mind.

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