What’s Changed On The Sapphire Version Of 1:1 Perfect Replica Omega Speedmaster UK?


While it’s safe to assume most Swiss made fake Speedmaster fans are interested in the new steel sapphire 3861 (reference 310., it’s worth noting that the sapphire crystal (and its matching display caseback) are also found on the other two new versions of the 3861 Speedy, the Sedna Gold ref. 310. and the Canopus Gold (with a matching white-silver tone dial) ref. 310.

Stepped dial and dot-over-90 goodness.
The applied Omega logo found on the new sapphire version of the Speedmaster Pro (ref. 310.
The new 3861-powered Speedmaster Pro on wrist (ref. 310.
The Dial

Here we also see a stepped dial that is otherwise largely unchanged save for the noteworthy inclusion of an applied white metal Omega logo and the new hash marks that correspond to the frequency of the new 3861. The applied logo is a nice touch and, especially in photos, will set the sapphire apart from its Pro siblings, be they 1861 or 3861-based.

Notice the dot over the 90 rather than next to it.
The Bezel

Just as we saw with the Hesalite 3861, the sapphire version has an updated bezel with a slightly lighter font and a dot over 90.

The new 3861-powered Speedmasters are thinner than the outgoing 1861 models.
The Case

Just as with the new Hesalite 3861, the sapphire versions are also a bit thinner than the previous generation. That’s right, despite packing a new chronometer movement, the sapphire Speedy Pro’s thickness has dropped from 13.7mm (with the caliber 1861) to 13.18mm (with the new 3861). This is not a small change, and the effects should be very noticeable on wrist.

The display caseback of the new 3861 Speedmaster Pro.
A closer look at Omega’s caliber 3861.
The new Speedmaster Pros have a number of small tweaks compared to the previous-gen 1861 examples.
The Caseback

Being a so-called sapphire sandwich, the 310. has a sapphire crystal up front and a sapphire display caseback in the rear. Compared with the outgoing generation of the same watch, the text and treatment surrounding that view of the movement have been updated. As with the Hesalite example, the Omega globe has been moved to an adjacent lug, and the opposing lug now lists the case metal.

Where the outgoing sapphire Speedy proclaimed “The First Watch Worn On The Moon” flanked by an Omega signature, the 3861 reads, “Co-Axial Master Chronometer The First Watch Worn On The Moon” with the Omega signature moved to the familiar bridge stemming from the center of the movement (alongside text for “3861” and “Master Co-Axial”).

A bit thinner than the previous generation, the new sapphire Speedmaster Pro is 13.18mm thick.
The Speedy Pro’s new five-link bracelet tapers from 20mm at the lugs to 15mm at the clasp.
The polished center links signal that this Speedmaster Pro is a sapphire-equipped example.
The Bracelet

The sapphire 3861 includes a bracelet very similar to the Hesalite, with a five-link screwed construction that tapers (from 20mm to 15mm) to the new clasp design. Unlike the new Hesalite, the new steel sapphire models retain the paired polished inner links that run down the center of the bracelet.

The two gold models, Sedna and Canopus (red and white in tone, respectively) both have fully brushed bracelet treatments but otherwise follow suit with the steel 3861 sapphire Speedmaster, with applied logos, similar caseback treatments, and also clasp designs.

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