New 1:1 Replica OMEGA x Swatch MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon pays tribute to the Beaver Moon


This year, the perfect replica OMEGA x Swatch collaboration has given us a new watch every month. While the majority of the design is similar each time, meaning the movement, case and chronographs are identical, the seconds hand has a different style, ranging from Swiss lanterns to a lollipop accent in tribute to the 1961 luxury fake Omega Seamaster.

The latest aaa quality fake Omega MoonSwatch for November’s full moon pays tribute to the Beaver Moon, the time of year where beavers are most active and use the light of the moon to build dams before they hibernate. As announced on the Swatch Instagram, “this Mission to the Moon has a seconds hand made of Swiss made replica OMEGA’s Moonshine Gold inspired by the Beaver Moon and a secret detail that glows in the dark.”

Like most of the other special edition timepieces, this month’s cheap fake Omega MoonSwatch is based on the Mission to the Moon style. The main features include a quartz movement, three chronographs on the watch face and a matte black dial. The case itself measures 42mm in ceramic black and grey with moon and space imagery etched into the case back. The watch is completed with OMEGA super clone online and Swatch logos and a black velcro strap.

What makes this new Swiss movement replica Omega different is its seconds hand which has been directed with imagery of a beaver… who wouldn’t want that, right?! At the end of the second hand, there’s a little detail of a beaver’s mouth and teeth. It’s subtle and while you can see the design, it’s better illuminated when the markers, minute, hour and seconds hand glow in the dark.

Further up the seconds hand, there’s an intricate design that makes the hand look like it’s been chewed towards the base… like a beaver does to wood. While this accent doesn’t light up when it gets dark, it’s still a fun nod to the Beaver Moon and is subtle enough that it doesn’t take away from the rest of the watch design.

As the year draws to a close, this is the second to last full moon of 2023. So, does this mean this new high quality fake Omega MoonSwatch Mission to the Moon is the second to last watch we’ll see from the OMEGA and Swatch collaboration this year?

As I’ve been following this year’s Omega MoonSwatch replica for sale launches closely, I can hazard a guess that this could be the case. December’s full moon is called the Cold Moon which poses questions about the limited edition design that we could see.

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