Prince William always wears his luxury uk fake Omega watch for this reason


The royal family has always had a significant fondness for UK perfect replica watches. Princess Diana often wore two high-end fake watches at the beginning of her relationship with Prince Charles, Meghan Markle is saving a special timepiece for her daughter and Prince William presented Kate Middleton with a Cartier watch for their wedding anniversary, in a special nod to Princess Diana.

It seems the Prince himself has a fondness for an stainless steel bracelet fake Omega that he wears on most occasions, including his wedding day in April 2011 and Princess Eugenie’s big day in October 2012.
According to The Express, William has several timepieces by other luxury brands including Rolex and Breitling.

Though he always falls back on his Omega as it holds the most sentimental value: it is said to be a gift from his mother Diana, before she died.

The Swiss-made fake Omega Seamaster Professional was created in 1993, meaning it would have been a fairly new release when Diana bought it for him, since she passed away in 1997.

In 1957, cheap fake Omega created the Seamaster 300 specifically for divers and professionals working underwater. This collection has since been upgraded and enhanced for a new generatio
The cheap fake watch has since garnered a cult following, thanks to its timeless stainless steel and blue dial design.

The watch comes in several colours and finishes, and it is believed Prince William’s features sapphires on the dials, which would be another nod to Princess Diana, whose sapphire engagement ring now sits proudly on Kate Middleton’s ring finger.

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